Mindset Tips in Hard Times…

No one likes hard times. Financial difficulties, personal issues, partnership breakdowns, and work challenges, are all tough to deal with, but they are the things that shape who you are. How you react to difficult things is the purest example of your character. That’s why it’s so important to use the hard times as a tool to build yourself, rather than tear yourself down.

I’ve found that there are two things that can help to make it a little easier.

1 Vision and Purpose

As I’ve faced the worst times in my life, I’ve really found it helpful to ground myself in my bigger vision and my purpose. Focusing on that purpose, helps me gain perspective that the situation in front of me is just a small part of something bigger.

It’s not everything, it’s just one thing.

I can deal with one thing. Even if it’s big.

2 Growth and Learning – BUT no excuses!

Then the next thing I purposely focus on is creating a mindset of growth and learning, but no excuses.

That means accepting and taking responsibility for the hard time I’m dealing with at the moment, and remembering this is something to learn from. It does not have to dictate my future. It’s simply showing me a lesson I am meant to learn.

If I don’t learn that lesson, the same kind of things are going to keep happening over and over again, until I do.

In the most difficult times of your life, you get the opportunity to face yourself, to build your character and to become a better version of you. That alone is worth the journey and all the effort it takes to turn your hard times into the powerful lessons that will shape who you are and create the future you want.

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