A Challenge: Can You Answer These 3 Questions?

I’d like to challenge you to see how well you know yourself. In my experience, many people don’t have an immediate answer for these questions:

  • What are your top four values?
  • What are your non-negotiable standards?
  • What boundaries have you set in your relationships?
Most people say they’ve never even thought about it.
So, the question is, have you?
And if you haven’t, how much of a difference could the answers make in your life?

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Christan Hiscock

One of the things I’m fascinated with is collapsing timelines. Why wait for success when there’s a way to do it faster? I’m all about finding those kinds of business hacks and getting them to work for you, your business and your clients.

My personal mission is to inspire others to see their own worth, so that they can live truly fulfilled lives. That word fulfillment means everything to me because without it, success is meaningless. There are too many people who have success but are far from fulfilled. It shouldn’t be like that.

My strategies, as a speaker, author and entrepreneur, focus on ways to have both, as quickly as possible.

As you reach for success and fulfillment, your business strategy must include financial know-how, marketing mastery and excellent tech to help you get where you’re going faster, which is exactly why I’m a founder and partner in three dynamic companies that focus specifically on those areas. 

KardiaFinacialGroup.com helps people to understand what’s happening with their money, how to leverage it, and how to get out of debt. I co-founded the company so that people can access the information and opportunities they need to build their wealth.

At InfluencerDigital.com you will find a “League of Unicorns”, who are almost magical in their marketing capabilities. This team will help you share your unique message, expand your reach, improve your sales offers and help you build automated marketing funnels to increase your income streams.

And, if you want a simpler, cheaper and FAR more effective way to launch, market, and sell your products and services, you have to check out Influencersoft.com. This next-level software will change the way you market your business.

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